Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Kids Song and Nursery Rhyme: The Last Leaf (Piano Sheet Music with Lyrics)

The Last Leaf
Kids Song and Nursery Rhyme
by Margaret Aliona Dole and Gaetano Donizetti

Sad autumn breezes sigh,
Gone are the warm green leaves,
Dead on the ground they lie,
Nature now grieves.

Glad was my welcome here,
Gay everywhere;
Fruit of the mellow years,
Trees clad in colors rare.

Gone is the magic spell,
Sad my farewell.

One leaf left trembling there,
High on the maple tree.
Mid withered groun they lie,
Nature now grieves.

Must I still linger here?
Gay everywhere;
Winter is drawing near,
All of my friends have died.

Down on the ground they lie,
Lonely am I.

Watch the video to learn how to play Kids Song and Nursery Rhyme:  "The Last Leaf (Piano Sheet Music)" in piano

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