Friday, November 4, 2011

Kids Song and Nursery Rhyme: O Wind that Blows - Piano Music Score with lyrics

O Wind that Blows
Alice C. D. Riley
Catharina van Rennes

O wind that blows, blows across the snows,
And sends the crystals drifting!
You whirl and you twirl,
you swish and you swirl,
The snow thro' the crannies sifting
Then blow, then blow!
Then blow, for the chimney drifting!

O wind that cries 'neath the wintry skied,
O woeful wind a weeping!
You sob and you sigh,
you moan and you cry,
All night while the world is sleep.
Then blow, then blow!
O wind in the chimney weeping!

Learn to sing, read sheet music and play the Kids Song and Nursery Rhyme O Wind that Blows in piano. Watch the video.

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