Thursday, November 10, 2011

Kids Song and Nursery Rhyme: The Dream Peddler Sheet Music and Karaoke

The Dream Peddler
Lyrics by Luci M. Blinn
Composed by Marshall Bartholomew

Up the streets of Slumber-town
Comes the crier with his bell,
Calling softly up and down,
Dreams to sell! Dreams to sell!
Will the children choose to buy?
Such a world of them have I!

Here are dreams of merry spring
Fashioned where blossoms wake;
Where the field and meadows ring
With the songs breezes make.
Ah, no peddler far or nigh
Sells such merry dreams as I!

Here are dreams of summer sleep;
Fancies light as thistle spray,
Woven where the fairies keep
Summertime Holiday.
Fairy dreams, oh buy and try!
Who has daintier dreams than I?

On the streets of Slumber-town
Ever sounds a silver bell,
As the crier wanders down,
Soft his call, Dreams to sell!
Sleepy children, come and buy!
Who has sweeter dreams than I?

Learn to sing and play the Kids Song and Nursery Rhyme: "The Dream Peddler" in piano. Follow the highlights. The lyrics are guided with music notation.

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